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  • Do you provide valuations or appraisals?
    No we do not provide valuations, value estimates or appraisals for items, unless the product has been hand-made or remodeled by us. We are happy to recommend and provide details of reputable regional valuers.
  • Do you buy used jewellery?
    Unfortunately we don't have a second hand license in order to purchase your unwanted jewellery, however we can use it to create something new for you.
  • Do you repair watches?
    We provide a 20 minute watch battery change or strap adjustment service only. For anything more than this, you will have to go to a watchmaker.
  • Do I need to make an appointment for a design consultation?
    There are always two goldsmiths on site to briefly discuss a potential project, however if you'd like to spend a little more time with one of us and securely lay out potential items to remodel, a phonecall or email ahead of time is much appreciated so we can prepare for your visit.
  • How long does it take to have something custom made?
    It takes us around 6-8 weeks to manufacture something from the time of design approval.
  • What is the process for having something made or remodeled?
    We chat about designs together, then supply a maximum of 3 digital CAD design images based on our discussions, along with a quote. If you would like further digital designs made, we charge our design time out at an hourly rate. When you're happy with all of the details of the design, we then take a 30% deposit before beginning manufacture, with the remaining amount payable upon completion. Hand-making something takes an average time of 6-8 weeks and an insurance valuation is provided upon completion.
  • Can you re-cut or polish gemstones?
    We can shape or polish soft gems such as opal or amber, but hard and faceted gemstone cutting requires a completely different skill-set, so we send gems to an Auckland-based lapidary to perform this task for you.
  • How much does it cost to have something hand-made?
    The criteria involved in making something for you is so diverse, that it's impossible to give a ballpark without first discussing the design elements, materials, how labour-intensive the project may be and if you have some or all of the materials we need for the project. After a discussion and looking over any potential items you may wish to use, we'll email you with a cost breakdown so you can have a good think about it, and then we move on to the design stage from there. Quotations carry no obligation, and after vieweing/weighing/measuring your items with you, we don't need to keep them here in order to pop a quote through to you.
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