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Custom Hand-makes

In-house Manufacturing

With at least one manufacturing goldsmith

on-site at all times, you can speak directly to the person who will be providing your services needed.

Everything is done on-site and in full view of our customers.

We’re here to help make the design you have in mind a reality. 

We can design and craft something using your unwanted or broken materials, or create something special using new materials. 

All custom-makes come with a valuation for insurance after manufacture.


We all have those inherited pieces gathering dust that are precious, yet aesthetically just-not-us. What better solution than to use the same precious materials, & the same manufacturing process to create a piece that will be loved & worn every day, while still retaining its value and sentiment.

Design Consultations

If you wish to pop in to see us for more than a quick chat, please phone or email us ahead of time to make an appointment, so we can plan around a one-on-one discussion and a secure viewing of potential items you'd like to use.

Custom CAD designs

A very useful tool in the modern jewellery trade, CAD software allows  us to show our clients a virtual photo of jewellery before committing to the  manufacture of the final product.


Rings, bangles & bracelet size alterations, chain repairs, stones & claw/bezel replacement,

re-shanking, minor or major metal cracks or breaks, & everything in between!

All repairs are carried out on-site.

Jewellery Cleaning

Sometimes your jewellery just needs a good clean to get it looking new again.

Rhodium Plating

Give your gold or silver rings a 

re-vamp with a high-shine polish & rhodium plating here in-store.

Starting at $95, we provide a 1.5 hour rhodium plating service.

Insurance Replacements

We provide valuation after loss and damage report documents for insurance claims.

We can copy existing items such as a missing earring, jewellery from photographs or a description of something that's been lost or stolen.

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